Top 6 Philly-Themed Wedding Favors

Top 6 Philly-Themed Wedding Favors

We’re about to take your Philly wedding and make it even more Philly. We’ve pulled together our 10 favorite Philadelphia-themed wedding favors for your big day. No, it’s not “wooder ice” or an Eagles jersey (though we’re on board for both of those ideas). Our Philly party favors involve some of the city’s most iconic foods and architecture, and some local goods thrown in there too. These gifts are guaranteed to make all yous guys smile. 

1. Engraved Philly Coasters

Check out what Frankadelphia has crafted as the perfect Philly wedding favor. We love a usable gift, and these will definitely get their use. Give your guests something to remember your wedding with a set of hand-engraved wooden drink coasters. She’s got plenty of designs for you to choose from, including iconic Philly destinations, pretzels, good ol’ Ben, and more. Personalized gift = done.

2. Philly Brews

It’s 2021 at the time of writing and Philly sees no shortage of craft breweries. Most of these places will can their flagship beers so you can take the craft taste of Philly home with you. Pick up some 6-packs from a place like Tired Hands Brewing Company for a hoppy addition to your wedding favors. Beer nerds will be thrilled, others will have a beer to share.

3. Chocolate Bars (of course)

Alright, so maybe this one isn’t Philly. But it is PA. And we’re willing to make the sacrifice considering this is a guaranteed winner. Hershey’s Chocolate is an American classic and the pride of Pennsylvania. Plus you’ve really got your options ahead of you. Grab a bag of minis and throw some variety in each gift bag, or go with the classic full-size milk chocolate bars. We promise no one will be disappointed.

4. It’s not Philly Without Quest

We simply couldn’t resist this one. Questlove loves Philly and Philly loves him right back. If you’re not familiar with The Roots drummer and co-frontman, it won’t take long for you to hear about him. He was born and raised in Philadelphia and still pays a generous amount of attention to his hometown. So far your wedding favors have been lacking one thing that’s key to Philly – and that’s soul. Not anymore. Wedding or not, we think everyone needs a little enamel Quest in their lives.

5. Local Goods

If there’s one thing the city of brotherly love is good at, it’s supporting locals. Give some support to your local vendors by including things like this marbled vegan soap by Serenitee Pure and Natural. Once again, a highly usable gift and a great way to send some support to a Philly local. 

6. LOVE & Pretzels

People tend to think everyone in Philly cares about soft pretzels. And they are 100% correct. If you can time it right (because no Pennsylvanian wants a stale pretzel) we highly suggest placing a party order from the iconic Philly Pretzel Factory. Because we found the perfect LOVE Park wedding favor bags to accompany them. If you can’t swing the soft pretzels, you can still make use of these adorable and personalized favor bags. 

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