Our Passion for Photography

Our company started from the need to get our creativity out on paper. We’re a small team of individuals with a passion for photography and romance. We consider our art as a form of storytelling, and each couple we work with tells a different tale. We realize as wedding and engagement photographers, we’re telling your family’s first story. And that’s a privilege we cherish. Getting down on one knee, holding hands at the altar, parting hugs as you leave for your honeymoon, these are all moments you’ll reflect on for the rest of your life. Our team works to not just capture these moments, but turn them into a piece of art.

Our photography work is not about meeting a quota, packing up by a certain time, or doing the bare minimum. No, our photography services are about celebrating your family and making that celebration last forever. We find the right angles, we get a smile out of your guests, and we go the extra mile.

Photographers With a Love for Philadelphia

Wedding Photographers of Philadelphia are all just that—residents of Philadelphia. We consider Philly the perfect stage for a wedding or engagement. Packed with history, art in every corner, and some of the best food on the east coast. There’s no better place to start a family celebration. Our team is not only knowledgeable about photography but about Philadelphia as well. We know the city inside and out, including the best proposal spots, restaurants, venues, and more. 

We know that like any big city Philly is not a cheap place to live, and it’s certainly not a cheap place to host a wedding. So if we can take one headache off of your plate, we will. That’s why we carefully price each project to give you the most reasonable price we can offer. Our packages start as low as $500 because we don’t believe anyone should miss out on a professional photography experience. Having a photographer that makes your family comfortable in front of the camera, captures the moments you missed, and brings smiles to your guests’ faces is an experience no bride or groom should pass up. 

Our Photography Team

We are a group of individuals who are passionate about curating the most incredible photographs and videos from your big day. Nothing can compete with the excitement and anticipation you feel on your wedding day. But with anticipation and commotion, it’s easy to miss the little moments along the way. We love to provide joy by preserving those precious moments. 

Founded in Northern Liberties, Wedding Photographers of Philadelphia strives to be the best wedding photography agency possible. Our agency is extremely creative in our approach to meet our clients’ individual needs. We strive to offer the most unique and affordable photography experience for each ceremony we are a part of. We get to know each and every couple, their story, and their taste to provide the best wedding pictures possible. It will only happen once, and that’s an opportunity we take very seriously. We look forward to creating lifelong memories with you!

Peter Brenesmann

Peter Brenesmann


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Ana Viana


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