Best Spots to Propose in Philadelphia

Best Spots to Propose in Philadelphia

So the time has come to pop the question. You’re sure your partner is the one, but not sure where to propose in Philadelphia? Luckily for you, Philadelphia is a diverse and historic city known for its art scene. There are plenty of options available to you, but we’ve pulled together our top 5 favorite places to propose in Philadelphia. 

  1. Love Park

Too obvious? We think not. Love Park has been a classic spot to propose in Philadelphia for around 50 years. It’s just one out of dozens of Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculptures throughout the world. Love Park is a popular tourist spot, so you may need to choose your time of day/week/year carefully. Our advice: plan your romantic visit in the morning for a gorgeous glow on your and your sweetheart’s faces. #InstaWorthy

  1. The Morris Arboretum

If you’re looking for something green – don’t skip over this one. The Morris Arboretum offers an almost endless amount of stunning proposal spots. Depending on the time of year, you could find yourselves nestled between two cherry blossoms, under a candlelit gazebo, by the water fountain, under an archway of autumn leaves, and so much more. The Morris Arboretum offers you the brotherly love of Philadelphia, but the privacy of a rural scene.

  1. Philadelphia Museum of Art (a.k.a. The Rocky Steps)

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a top choice if you’re looking for an iconic proposal. You’ve got some choices to make here as well. You could enjoy the view from The Rocky Steps, take a moment in front of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, or take an evening stroll featuring views of Boathouse Row. 

  1. Elfreth’s Alley

For a timeless proposal, visit the oldest residential street in The United States. Elfreth’s Alley came about when two blacksmiths (one being Jeremiah Elfreth) used parts of their property to create a cart path to the water, in order to move goods and materials easier. The cobblestone street of 1702 sits under British flags and hanging flowers, a historic spot to get down on one knee. Elfreth’s Alley is a perfect spot to follow up with a romantic stroll through Old City Philadelphia.

  1. Magic Gardens

For something artistic, earthy, urban, and oh-so Philly – check out Magic Gardens. Magic Gardens is an eye-catching walk-through masterpiece made of recycled materials, including glass, mirrors, bicycle parts, and so much more. This captivating space weaves indoors and outdoors, above ground and underground. Get ready for dazzling proposal pictures!

As you can see, the City of Brotherly Love offers plenty of romantic spots for your special day. You can follow up any of these locations with a walk through one of Philadelphia’s gorgeous parks, a meal with family and friends, or take a seat aside the Delaware River. To propose in Philadelphia means creating a memory with rich history, passion, and creativity. Want to preserve those precious moments? The Wedding Photographers of Philadelphia offer unique and affordable photography services so you can focus on what matters most. Receive your free quote today!


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