The new yearly general appointment of your own Victoria Building Providers was actually held, B

The new yearly general appointment of your own Victoria Building Providers was actually held, B

Dowson, Esq., on the sofa, if the Hon. W. Roentgen. Rous, Sir Age. Travers, Roentgen.Letter., J. Garnham, W. Baynes, T. F. Steward, J. C. Smith, H. V. Worship, Roentgen. Steward, Good. Woods, C. J. Palmer, W. Praise and W. C. Reynolds, Esq., have been introduce, and you can returns off 2s. 6d. for every single show through to the first offers, and ?5 %. up on brand new offers had been required.

A group out-of data got laid up against “recognized bakers” for selling small lbs bread; these people were fined 11s

June 5th.-Mr. Wilshere had calculated so you can retire in the symbolization, and as Mr. Rumbold was not likely to be again backed by the newest Dissenters, it absolutely was believe likely that Col. Anson would-be requested so you’re able to tournament the newest Borough.

Brand new data of your own boy and you will girl had been listed in front side of one’s Charity University, they’d before been in S. Nicholas’ Chapel.

Messrs. C. C. Aldred and you may F. Palmer got reported toward Justices of the filthy state out-of new seafood market.

There are a plague away from mice on the Fleggs, 400 combs from wheat was missing in one single bunch from the them, incase the corn is actually threshed the machine actually went having the blood.

June twelfth.-A tip got provided to have a good writ regarding certiorari in order to get rid of the meeting off Overseers toward Queen’s Counter.

Col. Anson had declined to face towards the Borough. It actually was asserted that Mr. Rumbold had invested ?forty,000 in the competitions, which “to your bluish party it appeared Yarmouth is also beloved a place to tournament.”

“Marsh v. Travers.-Inside the conformity having Mr. Chancellor Evans’ p. 122 acquisition to the Monday past, brand new defendant (Dame Anne Palmer Travers) duly performed retraction in your house of your Minister during the Yarmouth.”

-Mr. Wynn Ellis was advised as the a successor to Mr. Wilshere from the “Blue” desire, as “Reds” got kept a conference during the Fish Stall Home (Mr. Thomas Paul from the couch.)

An event off electors ended up being convened in order to satisfy the brand new deputation which was in London area in search of an applicant, whenever almost an hour with elapsed as opposed to George Danby Palmer, Esq., setting up a looks because the chairman, Mr. W. Johnson try called on to preside; Mr. Rumbold was acknowledged due to the fact an applicant, and you may Mr. Wynn Ellis requested in order to satisfy the fresh electors.

Summer. 26th.-“Area of the electors” had kept a meeting in the “Top and Point” whenever Mr. Lawn presided, and it also was alleged one to Mr. Goldsmid is expected to come submit and that an attempt got generated “to offer this new Borough.”

An alternate fulfilling of electors was stored during the “Celebrity,” and the adopting the Committee appointed to look at the career:-Messrs. J. Brightwen, B. Dowson, J. W. Shelly, R. Hammond, Thomas Clowes, George Danby Palmer, H. V. Worship, S. Cobb, C. Davie, Thomas Hammond, D. Good. Gourlay, J. Bayly, J. Jackson, J. Seafood, T. Lettis, jun., W. Johnson, and you will J. Grass.

The brand new Paving Commissioners got provided exit to place down listings to help you prevent the carriage guests beyond the Tolhouse inside the sittings regarding the fresh Council while the Condition Courtroom.

p. 123 July 10th.-Gorleston Cliff is strongly needed “from the Professors,” and one of several recent arrivals indeed there, was indeed the new Dowager Woman Suffield and you will Mrs. Thurlow and you will family members.

Summer nineteenth

Mr. Wynn Ellis had refused to check out the new Borough, and you will Roentgen. J. Bagshaw, Esq., was requested from the Committee ahead before electors. A new conference had been held in the “Star” (Mr. S. Cobb on the couch) in the event that charges out-of “promoting this new Borough” was created facing Mr. Samuel Palmer by Mr. Cufaude; it was repudiated by the you to gentleman, and you can after an enjoying dialogue, during which Mr. B. Dowson mentioned “he consider there is certainly a good deal of treachery supposed in the the metropolis,” it absolutely was sooner decided “to call a meeting of all of the electors, and Dresden in Germany marriage agency you can a handbill is issued convening eg meeting on the Hall Ordinary getting Thursday night.”

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