Homosexuality is a great grave sin inside Islam

Homosexuality is a great grave sin inside Islam

What is the abuse having homosexuality? Could there be one distinction between the person who does it and one in order to exactly who it is over?

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Particular Friends mentioned that this new abuse to possess homosexuality is to burn off the homosexuals with flame, and many of them seen that they is going to be thrown down away from a high put then keeps rocks thrown at the all of them. A few of them considered that they should be stoned to help you death.


  • Homosexuality is actually a grave sin inside the Islam
  • Abuse having homosexuality within the Islam
  • Abuse to possess homosexuality within the Islam: An identical for lovers?

Brand new crime out-of homosexuality is among the most readily useful out of crimes, the fresh new poor out of sins additionally the extremely abhorrent out of deeds, and you will Allah penalized people that made it happen in a way that He didn’t punish other places. It’s indicative from ticket of one’s fitrah, complete misguidance, weakened intellect and you will lack of spiritual relationship, and is also a sign of doom and you may starvation of your compassion off Allah. I ask Allah to save you secure and safe.

“And you will (remember) Lut (Lot), as he thought to his some body: ‘Are you willing to to go the fresh worst sin including nothing before your has actually enough time regarding ‘Alamin (mankind and jinn)? ‘Verily, you routine your lusts for the men instead of feminine. Nay, however is actually an united states transgressing past bounds (of the committing higher sins).’ Therefore the answer off their individuals was only that they said: ‘Drive all of them from your own area, talking about indeed dudes who want to be pure (regarding sins)!’ Next We protected him and his awesome relatives, except their partner; she try ones which remained at the rear of (on torment). Therefore rained upon them a rain (from stones). Then see just what are the conclusion new Mujrimun (criminals, polytheists and you may sinners)” [al-A’raf seven:80-84]

“Verily, by the lifetime (O Muhammad), inside their crazy intoxication, these were wandering thoughtlessly. So as-Saihah (torment – awful cry) overtook them during the time of dawn. And we also became (this new towns and cities regarding Sodom when you look at the Palestine) upside-down and you may rained upon them stones out-of baked clay. Absolutely, within this are signs in the event you select (otherwise see otherwise learn the classes regarding Signs and symptoms of Allah) Finska kvinnor att sГ¤lja. And you can verily, they (the places) were close to the highroad (regarding Makkah to help you Syria, i.age. where brand new Inactive Water has grown to become).” [al-Hijr -76]

Al-Tirmidhi (1456), Abu Dawud (4462) and you may Ibn Majah (2561) narrated you to definitely Ibn `Abbas (could possibly get Allah be happy with him) said: The Messenger from Allah (tranquility and you will blessings from Allah feel upon him) said: “Anyone who you can see performing the action of those out of Lut, play the person who can it and the you to whom it’s over.” (Classified as sahih by al-Albani inside Sahih al-Tirmidhi)

Ahmad (2915) narrated regarding Ibn `Abbas (could possibly get Allah be happy with your) that Prophet away from Allah (serenity and you can blessings out of Allah getting up on your) said: “Get Allah curse the person who do the experience of your folks of Lut, get Allah curse the one who do the experience of your own folks of Lut,” 3 times. This was classed once the hasan by Shu’ayb al-Arnaut into the Tahqiq al-Musnad.

Abuse getting homosexuality into the Islam

The Companions unanimously decided on brand new performance regarding homosexuals , nonetheless differed about how these people were to be conducted. Some of all of them was of your take a look at that they is burnt having flames, that has been the scene off ‘Ali (get Allah be happy with him) and now have from Abu Bakr (could possibly get Allah be happy with him), as we shall select below. And lots of ones considered that they must be thrown down from a premier place following enjoys stones tossed at them. This was the scene out of Ibn ‘Abbas (may Allah be happy with him).

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