5. Epilogue: polyandry regarding the nineteenth and you will twentieth ages

5. Epilogue: polyandry regarding the nineteenth and you will twentieth ages

Inside 1795, Dutch Ceylon fell Colombia Lady verkossa with the Uk hands, plus they made it a top colony inside 1802. Of the 1815, they had including beat the former independent Kingdom off Kandy. The british stipulated you to in the previous Dutch countries the existing guidelines is kept, while in Kandy customary laws were to become followed, that happen to be then codified. We come across on the basic section one to several article authors presumed the new Portuguese and Dutch got effortlessly stamped aside polyandry during the the maritime provinces. Several pros say that, in practice, conventional legislation got held precedence, unless what the law states are ‘hushed otherwise inapplicable’. Footnote 68 Indeed, we have seen into the section step 3 just how good Western european attorneys actually invoked these types of traditional rules to help you plead this new legitimacy out-of polyandry. Footnote 69 But not, british believed right away the coastal provinces got come governed considering Roman-Dutch legislation. Currently inside the 1822, they ordered the re-advent of the school thombos, not merely to possess Christians but also for the entire population of your own coastal provinces. The latest pre-eminence out of Roman Dutch Rules was codified inside the a charter from 1831, and you will an ordinance out of 1847 specified the blocked quantities of matrimony, restricted chronilogical age of parties, and you may reasons behind separation and divorce. In the long run, from inside the 1861 Roman-Dutch laws is declared due to the fact joining for the whole island. Footnote 70 It paradoxical judge condition has been summarised too by Jayawardene: ‘[The fresh Dutch] brought the fresh Roman-Dutch Legislation to help you Ceylon; however it is the fresh new English… who built it involving the Singhalese, who made it the law of the land’. Footnote 71

The brand new woman gets eating regarding for every partner, as well as all the convey more

I surmise your more strict applying of Roman-Dutch guidelines and the expansion off ilies about coastal elements provided an effective polyandrous connection. As such a wedding wasn’t judge, people could not inherit using their 2nd father. What about the inside? The codified Kandyan legislation contains all sorts of stipulations about how precisely inheritances from mutual husbands was to feel divided. But in the new 1850s good reent occurred. For the 1855, Governor Ward gotten a good petition from the Chiefs away from Kandy, ‘hoping towards abolition by the regulations of polygamy and you will polyandry’. The brand new plea try repeated double for the 1858, in the end become obtained of the rather mislead Uk, whom proceeded for the 1859 to help you outlaw polygamy and breakup of the common agree in order to create registered monogamous marriage the sole courtroom means. As to why did the fresh elites turn against their particular society and exactly why performed they provide the british which possible opportunity to ‘civilise’ this new Sinhalese? Some students exhort us to realize amongst the outlines of your own petitions. They claim that the top-notch of landowners need an excellent ‘reform’ from matrimony as they lined up to minimize divorced and you may widowed women’s customary states on lands of its mothers, that happen to be essentially rooked of the its brothers. Land purchases and you can installing high ranches necessary simplistic marriage and you may genetics rules, but this was cloaked when you look at the a strike towards polygamy, a lure that the Uk got. Footnote 72 Hence, the british imposed an excellent Eu notion of relationship towards Kandyan society, hence instantly triggered a great flurry from legal actions once the most of the unregistered ous – was indeed today considered illegal. Berwick, the fresh new important legal off Colombo, aptly called the 1859 Ordinance an effective ‘sour current from bastardy’. Footnote 73

Which supposition possibly stems from brand new confusion regarding the relatives ranging from Dutch formal law additionally the customary, uncodified, laws of one’s Sinhalese

Regardless of if polyandry would be punished by up to three years regarding difficult work, brand new behavior proceeded up to really with the twentieth-century, albeit for the dwindling wide variety. Ergo, it absolutely was nonetheless possible for the new ethnographers which seen community existence regarding mountainous indoor on 1950s to review current polyandrous affairs or gather reminiscences regarding past instance connections. For-instance, the folks regarding Udumulla within the eastern Sri Lanka analyzed polyandry definitely: ‘It is very perfect for every. .. These folks need not cover-up the brand new plan, there is nothing becoming embarrassed of’. Footnote 74 The brand new ethnographic meanings will emphasise brand new simple and you can a bit harmonious character of one’s polyandrous arrangement, that one area happened to be titled ‘living in you to definitely peace’. Footnote 75 As to the reasons upcoming made it happen decrease?

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