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Engagement Photoshoot Tips

Engagement Photoshoot Tips

Read all about our favorite engagement photoshoot tips in this blog. Having a photoshoot of anything can be stressful, especially for your engagement photos! This blog is all about tips on how to make sure your photos turn out perfect. Here are a few engagement photoshoot tips that we have found helpful and what you should consider for your engagement photos! 

1. Wear something comfortable

On your engagement photoshoot day, you want to look good and feel good. If you are in an uncomfortable dress, your photos will show that. Pick out an outfit that you love but also feel comfortable in. Also, don’t forget to steam your clothes! You don’t want your clothes to be crinkled in your photos. Steaming your clothes is just one step closer to perfect engagement photos.

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2. Get hair and makeup professionally done

Our next engagement photoshoot tip is to get your hair and makeup professionally done. Getting your hair and makeup professionally done will make you feel more confident. Professional makeup artists are here to make you feel confident and look beautiful. That is also great because you won’t need to stress about how your makeup and hair will come out on your photoshoot day. Relax and leave it to the pros. Now there will be no more worrying about how your hair will turn out on your engagement photoshoot day. 

Engagement photoshoot tips- get hair and makeup professionally done

3. Pick good locations

For your engagement photoshoot, make sure to pick meaningful locations. Try to have a list of what locations you want to shoot at. Don’t always opt for aesthetically pleasing locations but include meaningful ones. Maybe the place where you had your first date or kiss! Those locations have meaning and will be photos you will cherish for a lifetime. One of our favorite locations is the Philadelphia Art Museum

Engagement Photoshoot tips- how to pick your locations

4. Hire a professional

This engagement photoshoot tip is important! Hire a professional photographer! They are professional for a reason. Make sure that you don’t just have your friend take your engagement photos for you. Professionals know what they are doing and have lots of experience. The photographers at Wedding Photographers of Philadelphia have years of engagement photography experience. You are in good hands and will notice a difference in your photos! 

Engagement Photoshoot Tips- hire a processional

5. Be comfortable and have fun!

Lastly, and most importantly, engagement photoshoot tip, make sure to have fun with these photos! You want to look back at them and remember how fun it was, not how stressful. Your photos will come out the best if you let loose, be yourself, and have fun. It may be cliché, but trust me, it is the most important! Look back at your photos and remember how happy you and your significant other were.

Engagement Photoshoot Tips- be yourself and have fun

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