How Much Does a Wedding Videographer Cost in Philadelphia?

How Much Does a Wedding Videographer Cost in Philadelphia?

Most people when planning their wedding take into account hiring a photographer. Photographs are incredible for capturing a moment & immortalizing one of the most important days of your life. But what about putting you back in that moment? Remembering every dance, laugh, gaze, and smile? In comes wedding videography.

Wedding videos offer the bride & groom the chance to attend every part of their wedding. We’ve worked with countless couples in our years of experience, and what gripe do we hear most often? They couldn’t be everywhere at once. They didn’t dance to a certain song or talk to an old friend long enough. That feeling is inevitable. Your wedding day is packed with stress, excitement, visitors, caterers, and more. It’s going to be a whirlwind no matter what, but wedding videos allow you to step into the moments you missed.

But wedding photography is expensive, and wedding videography is even more expensive. How much does a wedding video cost? What about hiring a wedding videographer in Philadelphia? And how can you get your dream video at a lower price?

Average Cost of a Wedding Video Package

Most wedding videographers work independently, so the price can range greatly (literally anything from $1,000 to $13,000). But each package is highly customized and tailored to your event. We’ll call the nationwide average videography package $3,000. The price varies based on how many cinematographers you want on the team, how many hours of video coverage, how many locations they’ll need to shoot at, and so much more. While a $13,000 wedding video would be a luxurious experience and probably make you feel like the Clooney’s for a day, it’s really not necessary. Cutting on wedding video costs doesn’t need to mean cutting quality. It all comes down to choosing the right videographer with the right resources and putting together the perfect package.


What Does a Wedding Videography Package Include?

As was noted, every package is different. But understanding what most wedding videography packages include can help you figure out what’s a must-have for your wedding. You’re likely paying for a videographer, their assistant, 8-10hrs of video coverage, and a highlights reel. There are always add-ons available such as drone footage, additional edited versions of your footage, or hard drives to store your footage on. We certainly recommend consulting with your videography team to put together your package. They’ll make recommendations based on the style, location, and size of your wedding. A skilled videographer is going to take into account the artistic side of the project, as well as the logistics of it. They’ll understand exactly how many hands they need on deck to create a smooth, coherent wedding video.

Affordable Wedding Videography in Philadelphia

As we said, wedding videos don’t have to cost a fortune. Our wedding videography packages start as low as $1,000 without cutting quality. Our friendly team cares so much that you, your partner, and both of your families and friends are comfortable in front of our cameras. We keep our videography candid, fun, and tailored to the mood of your wedding. Getting a quote is quick and easy. Contact us to get started!


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